My name is Priyam Sachdev. I am a mother of two. My journey of cooking started after I became a mother. I always belonged to a “foodie family”. We love to eat, we travel to eat and we are constantly looking for something new for our taste buds. But when I became a mother, I became determined to find a way to pass on the love for food to my little ones just in case it was not already hereditary and so the story goes……

On Priyam’s kitchen for kids, you will find recipes inspired from all over the world – from the internet, from books and some of my own family’s traditions.

Like every mother, I wanted to mold less fussy children so I started them on the same meal plan as the rest of the family from the very beginning of solids. All I do is, I modify some contents of an adult’s menu such as minimizing the bite size or skipping fresh chilies to adapt to little taste buds. I have come to realize that the earlier you start your children on a similar diet that your family is on, the easier it is for all of you in terms of cooking and the number of utensils to wash. More over, kids like to eat what’s on an adults plate.

Only by adapting to the bite size as per your child requirement, you can prepare almost every dish on this site for children as young as 1 and a half year old.

I do hope you will enjoy reading and even try some of these recipes for your little ones. Happy Cooking!