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Edamame Fried Rice

Edamame soybeans to us are like a snack, disguised as a vegetable. Once you pop one into your mouth. You simply cannot stop there. Here’s another quick, 5 minutes prep and 10 minutes cooking recipe for an easy weekday meal from my kitchen to yours. Ingredients:- • 250g Edamame soybeans store bought* • ½ large…

Sticky rice holy basil chicken stir-fry

ข้าวเหนียวผัดกะเพรา Warning: There is no turning back from here. Everybody who has tasted the Thai basil stir-fry on top of rice has loved it. Then when they tried the fried rice version (which is adding rice to the stir-fry) they loved that too. And now allow me to introduce you to the version that you…

Fish Curry

In this twist of a dish, I have combined the Punjabi flavours with a little Southern spark. To be honest, it was an experimental cooking but the hubby loved it so much I’ve decided to make this my go to fish curry recipe from now on. And because of that reason, it’s worth a share…….

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Mango mousse

Summertime brings about so many thirst quenching, massively sweet and refreshing fruits. My favourite of all the summer fruit is Mango!!! Sometimes I end up over purchasing but instead of allowing them to turn bad, I turn them into fancy desserts. With only 5 ingredients used, I present you this perfectly light and airy mango…