corn soup

Sweet Corn Soup

It’s monsoon and all I can think of is a warm bowl of soup. This is when that can of cream corn sitting in the cabinet is going to jump in to save the day. I love having canned items in the kitchen cabinet; these are extremely handy on a rainy day (pun intended!) You…

Asian Style Steamed Eggs

Fancy something warm and soothing for your soul? Something that melts in the mouth? Something that is all of the above yet takes no more than 10 minutes to make? You are on the right page. If I had a menu card, the steamed egg would go on it under the All Day Breakfast category….

Phad See-ew

One of Thailand’s extremely popular street food dish is the Phad see-ew or flat rice noodles wok-fried with a black soy seasoning, Chinese kale, scrambled eggs and marinated chicken or pork. My guess is that it is popular because it’s literally the Thai version of fast food. Also keeps you full for a long time….

Vegetarian Chowmein

India has its own variant of the Chinese stir-fried noodles “Chau-mieng” which is very popularly known as “Chowmein” in India. The dish is a highly sought after street food, as a side to the very famous Indian “momos” (usually eaten together as a pair). Every child in India knows and loves this dish! It is…