Deep – fried cheese crabsticks

Do you have a child who comes home grumpy and cranky after school? Do you know that one of the main reasons contributing to this aggression is hunger? At school, children may or may not eat enough to make up for their high energy level and that is why they resolve to such grouchiness at the end of the day. My younger twin gets like that on some days, so I put a lot of thought into after-school snacks.

I am always on a hunt for a quick recipe so here is something that won’t add to the stress of your normal weekday routines. Deep- fried cheese crabsticks is a flavour- packed dish that needs only a few ingredients, and it can be prepared in advance, stored and fried when needed. Plus making them at home is a lot more gratifying!!

I serve these with a mayo-wasabi dip (a tender way to introduce wasabi to children).

Here goes….

Ingredients: –

• 1 pack ready made spring roll sheet
• 1 pack crab sticks
• 1 pack cheese (any kind; sticks or slice or grated)
• Oil for frying*
• ¼ cup mayonnaise
• 3 tbsp water
• ¼ tsp wasabi powder

* When frying pick any oil with high-smoke point like coconut oil & peanut oil.


1. Heat oil in a skillet on low.
2. Remove the spring roll sheets out of its pack and cover with a wet cloth at all time.
3. Remove a single sheet from the entire pack and place on a flat surface.
4. Pull crabsticks apart and place as much as you like on to the spring roll sheet.
5. Top with a layer of cheese.
6. Roll the sheet into a long single stick with or without folded sides. (Check video for rolling technique). These can also be stored in a tight container in the freezer for later frying.
7. Once oil is hot, turn heat to low and start frying the sticks.
8. For the dipping; mix mayonnaise, water & wasabi powder.
9. Serve hot & crisp.



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