If you have visited India (doesn’t matter which state), then you may have noticed independent vendors standing with a steamer at corners of busy markets or universities. These vendors sell a delicate appetizer known in India as “momos”. These are basically steamed dumplings with fillings, originally from Tibet but have made its mark in a lot of Asian countries except that; they go by different names for instance “Gyoza” in Japan & “Baozi” in China.

I have chosen to share with you the recipe I first tasted and have grown to love all these years. This version of dumpling is stuffed with minced pork, ginger and a typical Asian flavouring of sesame oil and spring onions. The filling is the easiest part of making a momo, I always say. As long as you have all the ingredients at hand, you can prepare the filling within 2 minutes. Seriously!
As for the momo skin, a quick, easy and absolutely healthy option is to use the readymade dumpling/gyoza skin which is usually available in the refrigerator section in supermarkets. With one pack you can make up to 12-15 dumplings. It is better to use them all in one go for two reasons:

1. There are no preservatives (which is why I am confident to use it in children’s cooking) so once opened, it must be used within 2 days.

2. You can prepare them and freeze them all at your time of convenience and take only 10minutes to steam whenever you plan to serve.

Here goes….

• Ready dumpling skin

For the filling:- (makes upto 15 dumplings)
• 400gms pork fillet (or other meat like shrimp or chicken)
• 3-4 garlic cloves
• 2 tbsp oyster sauce
• 2 tbsp sesame oil
• 1 tbsp coriander leaves
• 2 spring onion (scallions)
• 1 tsp sugar
• ½ tsp salt
• ¼ tsp black pepper powder

Method: –

The filling
In a strong food blender (I use a 400w double blade food processor), grind all the above ingredients for the filling and blend well. Voila…the filling is ready!!!! Set aside.

Stuffing & Folding


Step 1: Cup your hands to make sort of a vent and place one teaspoon of the filling right at the centre.


Step 2: Do a half fold to seal the dumpling. If needed, tip your finger in water and use the water to seal shut the dumpling.






Step 3: With your thumb and pointer pinch pleats to make a fan like look.





If you are a beginner and would like something easier, simply use the end of your fork and press down on the tip of the folded dumpling
These can be stored in the freezer for later.









A fan shape fold






















1. Fill the bottom most rack of the steamer with water and set on high.
2. Once the water in the steamer is hot. Turn gas to medium low and line a steamer basket on the top rack.
3. Cover with lid. Let steam for 10-20 minutes. (Frozen dumplings need to be kept out long before you plan to cook them.)
4. Remove basket from steamer and serve immediately with a dipping of your choice.



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